I’ve always enjoyed helping friends, but found it was hard to focus on more than a few people at once. At some point, I would run out of time/resources. Then, I learned a few secrets to impact large numbers of people through sharing… 

Today there are new ways to thrive by sharing by using play and networks. I am dedicated to showing how this can be practiced to help us transition to a peaceful planetary society as quickly as possible.

Who R U?

My name is Rob Jameson. I enjoy designing post-scarcity systems and immersive games for enchanting large groups. I use cooperative processes, technology, and trans-media storytelling to help create contexts where we can rapidly evolve.

This website logs some of my experiments for you to be inspired by! I don’t return messages much but you can try me at Here’s my credscv, and skills. If you win the game, you get a prize.