I’ve inventoried my professional skills below. Last updated March 2018. Or browse my creds and cv.

At a glance…
New Media 98%
Business 92%
Design (UX, Imagery) 87%
Interactive Design 86%
System Design 84%
Project Management 82%
Interpersonal 81%
Group Facilitation 80%
Web 80%
Network/IT 69%
Fabrication 62%
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Specific Capacities

New Media

I’ve been exploring media arts and new ways to tell stories for about 2 decades. I’ve been a filmmaker for 18 years, and have held nearly every role on set behind the camera. I have thousands of hours doing motion graphics, working with greenscreens, and making high-budget effects. I have overseen elite teams that deliver a consistent story across media types, from video to web to interactive.

Filmmaking in General 98%
Cameras + Lenses (DSLR, 3 CCD, Mirrorless, etc) 95%
Cinematography 94%
Film Directing 90%
Content Strategies 90%
Lighting/Sound 89%
Film Editing 88%
Film Producing 85%
Short Form (Commercials/Music Videos) 83%
Long Form (Documentaries, Narratives, Series) 80%
Motion Graphics 77%
Color Correction 74%
Transmedia 72%
Music Production 65%
Augmented Reality 60%
Final Cut Pro 99%
Motion 84%
After Effects 64%
Ableton Live 60%
Logic Pro 55%
Generative Music 41%
Pro Tools 34%


I started my first business when I was 12 and haven’t stopped since. I have been an executive in 5 companies, am on the board of 2 companies, and have managed/consulted many more.  I’ve come to love validating hypothesis early, and finding scalable models to bring in income. Most importantly, I have had amazing mentors invest thousands of hours in me to understand how to build, manage, and scale online/offline companies.

Cooperative Businesses 94%
Public Speaking / Pitching 92%
Social Entrepreneurship 81%
Business Model Design / Iteration 80%
Thought Leadership 65%
Business Analytics 60%
Google Analytics 92%
Lean Methodology 90%
Google Adwords 60%
Facebook Ads 43%


I’ve done design for many years… with photoshop being the longest at 15+. In this time, I’ve done many logos, flyers, and other marketing materials. I also have wireframed/designed hundreds of website pages.

Marketing 99%
UX Design 82%
Viral Marketing 70%
Concept Art 60%
Clothing Design 40%
Photoshop 99%
Fireworks (CS6) 92%
Print (Layouts i.e. business cards, flyers; and printing process) 80%
Logos 75%
Indesign 70%
Illustrator 62%

Interactive Design

I love designing interactive experiences using anything from VJing and DMX lighting to smart devices that respond to participants and the environment. I’m fascinated with how play in groups can evolve the collective intelligence.

VJing 93%
DMX Lighting 84%
Internet of Things 70%
Event Theming and Throwing 65%
Microcontrollers 60%
Projection Mapping 59%
Indexable LED's 55%
Resolume Arena 92%
Raspberry Pi 85%
MyDmx 70%
IOT Peripherals (Beacons, NFC, BLE, RFID) 37%


I’ve overseen teams that are small to 50+ people. I enjoy flat management when possible.

Outsourced Team Management 94%
Agile 93%
Management Tools (messaging, organization, tasks, etc) 92%
Budget/Timeline Management 82%
Culture Design 60%
Alt Management Models (Sociocracy, Holocracy, etc) 44%

Group Dynamics

I enjoy shaping the context for and output from groups of all sizes. I’ve done everything from organizing FlashMobs and mass collaborative projects, to facilitating dialog in small teams with trauma.

Collaborative Creative Projects 99%
Mission/Value Alignment 86%
Group Decision Making 82%
Conflict Resolution and Group Trauma Therapy 77%
Flashmobs 56%

Systems Design

My work in various fields (media, networks, business) usually begins with system design. I’ve designed company bylaws, new economic models, written patents on systems, and am always refining cooperative systems for the greatest good.

Economic/Value Exchange Systems 98%
Corporate Power Structures 93%
Decision Making Processes 90%

Interpersonal Relations

I’ve spent many years exploring how people connect and relate. This includes various fields in psychology and sociology, including hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, non-violent communication, nonverbal communication, and more.

Chakras 82%
Hypnosis 79%
Internal Massage 70%
NeuroLijnguistic Programming 60%
Massage 52%


I manage internet infrastructure including firewalls, switches, servers, and routers. Also, I manage networked devices (computers, printers, microcontrollers, and more) on a regular basis.

IOT Automation 92%
Wireless/Wired Networks 90%
IT Support 77%
Port Forwarding / Traffic Shaping 70%
Hardware Repair 50%
Diagnostics 49%


I’ve been in the startup web world for 12+ years, and have been webmaster of many projects. I have learned basic frontend development myself, and am able to speak fluently with developers working with various frameworks/languages.

Usability Testing 97%
eCommerce 95%
Webmastering 90%
ELK Stack 55%
GIT 50%
QA Testing 40%


I love making and have experience with various mediums and tools. My favorite is metal (welding, grinding, soldering, etc.), but I also have experience with plastics (shredding, moulding, 3d printing), wood (framing, cutting, routing, etc), textiles (screen printing, sewing) and more.

Welding 99%
Soldering 84%
3d printing 77%
Laser Cutting 60%
Textiles (screenprinting) 55%
CNC 42%


Here are some things that didnt’ fit above but are capacities that may be useful.

Polyphasic sleep 98%
Surfing 93%
Poi (firespinning) 81%
World Religions 60%
Writing (blogs, poems, stories) 52%
Chess 50%
Lucid Dreaming 31%