Rob Jameson MultiFaceted Technolgy Mystic
Arcosanti c/o Rob Jameson
13555 S. Cross L Road

I'm here to speed up our shift to a peaceful planetary civilization.

Elite Team Development + Leadership, Startup + Business Consulting, Marketing & Analytics, Transmedia Storytelling, Interactive Environment Design, User Experience.

I am fluent in 35+ creative software tools; from Adobe Suite to GIS software . I have led groups ranging from small teams to Flashmobs.

Personal site:

Arcosanti, Experimental Micro-City2015-PresentTechnology Manager (Automation and Information Systems)

I oversee the technology systems at this “Urban Laboratory”. I’ve led dozens of experiments in themes like community access, augmented reality, light/sound, social design, network, IOT and automation, web + marketing, hardware/software development, & immersive multimedia. 

I oversee the technology systems, which  includes internet, servers, web, internet of things (environment sensing/automation), messaging, knowledge retention, maker, security, light, sound, video, and more.

It also includes introducing new experimental technologies.

Ashworth Creative, Ad-Agency2013-2014Senior Project Manager

I directly oversaw marketing budgets of 8 clients, each with $10m+ in assets. I managed the creative, technical, and PR teams, as well as 4 other project managers to consistently develop and deliver innovative ways to help my clients get sales, exposure, and strengthen their image.

Barefoot Organic2012-2013Chief System Designer

I designed various key logistic and marketing strategies for the first all-organic food distribution system in Costa Rica. I was promoted by executives to balance supply and consumer sale variables of 1500 organic farms for continuous food supply and market rollout.

Community Carbon2011-2012Marketing Director

I oversaw the creative team for this social enterprise who created web, film, and design assets for the world’s first grassroots Carbon Trading platform. The assets were distributed nationally in Australia.

AnyShare Society2006-PresentCEO + CoFounder

Co-founder of a software company that lets people access needs/resources in groups. We’re the first completely cooperative business in the USA, and have had about 18k users so far.

I directed and co-produced a film for SXSW volunteers. According to them, it's the "largest music festival of it's kind in the world" and is staffed by 4000+ volunteers. It was incredible to have that community supporting you <3

SUNY New Paltz2004-2006BS in Communications / TV Production

I graduated summa cum laude with a near 4.0 GPA. In school, I began studying cinematography and eventually manufactured a series of custom camera rigs including an 18’ crane, 500’ zipline rig, and more. I started working professionally as a cinematographer when still in undergrad, eventually winning various contests and awards for my cinematography and then directing.

Florida Institute of Technology2002-2003Mechanical Engineering

I had a 3.9 GPA, was VP of my class, in many clubs, and having lots of fun surfing. My team placed in the top few of the robot battle competition due to a strategy I saw. This made me realize that how we think is more important than what we do, and I thus left engineering school to study buddhism, art, and philosophy more intensively. 


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