Credentials If ya wanna know


Things I’m currently doing

CEO at Sharing Space

Information Systems Manager at Arcosanti

CTO at Phestiv

Director at Arcooperative

Director at Student Union


Some stuff I’ve done

CoFounded first completely cooperative business in the United States.

Won Golden Eagle for my Cinematography.

CoCreated the Worlds Largest Fingerpainting.


Stuff I can do

Certified in 35+ creative software programs.

Taught accelerated filmmaking classes to 120+ students at a time

Led Flashmobs w/ up to 4k people

Fun Facts

Do be do be do

Lived 100% on the gift economy for 1 year, helping people without money.

Lost use of my legs for 2 years and shoulders/elbows for 1 year. Then healed myself.

Check my cv and skills.